Ethical space, sharing capacity and teamwork are the core values of Lokshakti. Since the inception in 2009, Lokshakti has been a learning-sharing organization for the community members in the region. We strongly believe in people’s participation and therefore named the organisation Lokshakti. Our vision is to help people to help themselves by showing the right path for deprived and suppressed people in society. We aim to create a society free from discrimination of sex, caste, creed and religion. Our mission is to identify and develop the potential of the downtrodden mass and to bring a sustainable development for weak and vulnerable sections in society by improving their socio-eco-cultural aspect.

Lokshakti largely works with marginal and small communities through pilot demonstrations in focal areas of education, economy and environment. In addition, we are engaging with various groups and networks at state and national level disseminating people’s voices on related issues like poverty, hunger, nutrition and health. Team building and leadership development have been core operational themes of the organisation. Towards this, we are supporting traditional knowledge and encouraging for new system approaches in knowledge management across its funded and/or non-funded projects.

Women are central in Lokshakti’s participatory exercises. We are prioritizing women’s participation in each of our programs. Women’s role is not limited to attending the meetings, but also gaining prime role in farming and supplementing in the family economy. Women understand the vital and diverse role of millets and its benefits. Women’s rich knowledge and their leadership qualities have been key for inclusive decision making processes for societal growth. Here, the MINI Network has enabled us to put further emphasis on work for capacity building of women.