North East Network (NEN) is a women’s organisation working in the north east region of India with a focus on women’s human rights. Ever since its inception in 1995, our role has been that of a facilitator to empower women of northeast around issues of livelihood, health, conflict and governance through capacity building, awareness raising, networking, research and advocacy.

Our work has been aimed at bringing out gendered understandings of human rights situation in the region whether it’s in the context of violence, livelihood, conflict, natural resource management or health. NEN has been using a combination of national and international mechanisms in its advocacy efforts and disseminating information about them in English and local languages. At the international level, NEN has been consistently using alternative reporting strategy to raise critical concerns of the region at the CEDAW and ESCR committees. We have also been engaged with process of UN special rapporteurs and UN Resolution 1325 through our international partnerships.