PEACE is a 30 years old grass roots organisation working for the backward districts of Telangana state covering Nalgonda, Medak and Warangal districts. We are working for the empowerment of women, children, dalits and small, marginal farmers in these districts. Mostly people of down trodden livelihoods depend on rainfed, dry land agriculture in rural areas. Our operational districts are predominantly millet growing regions. A few decades ago the area was covered with agricultural crops such as jowar, pear millet, foxtail millet, finger millets, pulses, ground nut, sesame, sun hem and a number of different creepers. It was a very rich bio diversified agricultural system. This system offered food security, nutritional security, fodder security and enriching soils with natural eco system, conserving the soil and water conservation.

Since the green revolution, we have destructed our agriculture bio diversity by introduction of high yielding varieties, application of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. Today people suffer from hunger, malnourishment and unknown diseases. We have realised that chemical agriculture and genetically modified organisms cause destruction to our agricultural biodiversity and have a highly negative impact on human beings and other natural living organisms.