Sarada Valley Development Samithi is a community based organization working for the last 3 decades in Visakhapatnam district by undertaking various Government developmental activities. Our SVDS started its rural development work from October 2nd 1985 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi. SVDS promoted and sustained various CBOs such as WUAs, FPOs (Farmers Producers Organizations), Farmers clubs, Masons Union, Rickshaw Pullers Union, VSS, MACTS, SVDS Swagathi Sneha Sangham for FSW and Nandhi Service Society for MSM.

Vision: An empowered equitable society established; which is controlled by vulnerable community and the farming community in SVDS operational area.

Mission: Development of a social system in the adopted villages of the Sarada river basin that is controlled by farming, tribal and other weaker communities of the society, which on one hand, fights against the local exploitation and on the other alleviates poverty via organizing the poor, building their confidence, bringing out their leadership qualities and creating awareness in own capacities, the power of unity, and resultant social, financial, political and community empowerment.