VIKASA was founded 30 years ago by a Gandhian in letter and spirit Sri Parimi Viswanadham. It is located in Visakhapatnam and main activities are Promoting Natural Resources Management based livelihoods, Promoting organic cultivation of crops, women empowerment through Financial Inclusion (through MACTS) etc.

VIKASA initiated three MACTS in the district with a base of around 20,000 members with an overall turnover of 27 Crores.
It is a recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Patri Bhumi Mitra award from Government of India for its yeomen work on watershed Development work in Visakhapatnam District.

Currently working with 3000 tribal farmers in Araku Valley and Dumbriguda Mandals and developed 3000 acres of orchards with the financial support from NABARD. The agricultural activities of VIKASA start from encouraging farmers in Manure production till the marketing of the produce.